#14 Les Excuses, vraie ou faux ? / Ben-LifeChanger

Once you reach the point that you even bore yourself with your own Bullshit /Story, you'll let go and opt for authenticity as a way of life. No more excuses. No more hiding.

~❂۞❂ Welcome to your awakening ❂۞❂~

Ben Torre is a Consultant and Conference Leader for Personal Development & Motivational Speaking. He's offering some Spiritual Counseling sessions, individual or groups.

He is traveling around the world, since almost 10 years and following an Alchemy way to help people align with their bodies and essence .
With a lot of love inside his heart he’s caring about every humans, animals and nature.
As a Spiritual Warrior, a LifeChanger, Starseed, from the Pleiadian & Arcturian System,
He speaks about whatever is going on with Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, LightBody Upgrades, Light Activations, Awakening, Ascension, Consciousness, Opening Hearts, Letting Go of OLD Earth Programming,DNA, Quantum Jumping, the Unified Field, The Quantum Field, Everything new Earth now !

I'm focus to « seed » new systems of light originating from the « stars » , raise up the frequency of the earth and grow up the humans race in a world full of Love, Joy, Abundance. As a powerful catalyst, I create a shift in the consciousness

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Feel free to contact me or visiting my website.

Email : benjamin@ben-lifechanger.com
Website : www.ben-lifechanger.com

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