Life Changer by Chaotic Logic

Anti-New World Order Hip Hop Classic by Chaotic Logic.
New World Order here – Global depopulization
Concentration camps – Placed across my nation
I know FEMA- Got my plastic coffin waitin
Illuminati's God is satan-They want enslavement
Implant humans wit microchips
Revelations 13 describes the 666
And he causeth all Both great and small
Rich and poor Free and bond To recieve the mark
On their forehead or in the right palm
And cant buy or sell without it installed
They collapsing economies-For global currency
We in the last days-Devils tryin to murder me
From sodium fluoride-In the water supply
To the chemtrails-That drop from the sky
Harmful food 'n medicine-That slaughter mankind
Babylon's soon to be fallin in time
Caz the citizens almost all of em blind
N all they wanna see is cars 'n the shine
Broads that are dimes Brawlin or nines
Talkin of crime Ya all that is fine
If its a part of ya life But MY art of the rhyme
Is sparkin ya mind Into thoughts that combines
All that's inside you To whats around you
What I found true 'N May astound you
'N I'm down to -Show my thesis
Destroy grandmaster masons-Expose their secrets
N how they symbols-Was stole from Egypt
Bilderberg group-Yall gon get beat up
Caz we know who are- You'll get what ya deserve
Fuck private bankers-We endin the federal reserve
You snake politicians-Just get on my nerves
I 'highly' suggest-You legalize herb
Revoke the Patriot Act-N bring back the Constitution
Caz America-On the brink of revolution
N right now-That's the best solution
Caz right now mankinds-Necks in nuices
Some of you-Never ever knew it
But Michael Jackson was executed
Was gonna expose illuminati on his upcomin tour
They don't care about us Was gonna be bumpin more
They killed Bob Marley 'n Dr. King fuck em all
N all our real freedom fighters we love you all
We uppin arms – For the upcomin war
Desperate times call for desperate measures sendin my love to God
Final hug to Mom-Tell her I love her always
And please forgive me for my wrong ways
Tell my crew to forever let the songs play
N from beyond grave I'll tryn help through the hard days
Caz I'm not takin- This shit no more
Daily it's gettin worse-N it piss me off
Now that I'm informed I cant just sit n watch
After seein zietgiest-I had different thoughts
God's true with me-But I find religion false
Keep us divided-You right what they thinkins wrong
Thats what weakens us-N make the system strong
I stand up for what I believe-They gonna have to kill me yall
Caz if you got nothin to die for-Why is you livin
N you can be a slave-If ya mind is in prison
Never let TV-Start blindin ya vision
N if ya want entertainment-Listen to how I rhyme to the rythm
Ya lines irrelevant-If a hundred years from now
Someone find ya CD-N dont think wat ya writings intelligent
My developement-Into a rhymin specialist
Started bored in class at nine pennin shit
The more I did it-The more I tapped into my adrenaline
Free Mumia NOW-Yall dint find no evidence
Fuck every president-Prime minister and royalty
Fuck Halliburton-N all the corrupt companies
From inhumane cheap labor-To the mass media
Now a dayz only an ignorant ass believin ya
War veterans homeless diggin through trash eatin up
War veterans traumatized-Breathe please be tough
War veterans all who died-I'm a speak for ya
War victims all who cried-Always reach for love
Innocent bystandards-Who recieved a slug
Innocent minds transferred-Into fiendin for drugs
Stop frontin-Like America's lovely
Go to a mansion in the burbs-Kids fuckin a herion junkie
I said it they did it-But I'm the terribly yucky
Hysterical ugly-Barely funny stupid Eric you dummy
After you research-You'll be embarrassed you judged me
I know I dont know it all-But spread awareness on beats
For speakin my mind-I been called a terrorist commy
Well how about I just call you a fuckin arrogant nazi
Spare me the calm speech-Wake up n take action
N if you don't Ya just cosignin with these fake fascists
Devilish like Jay-Z's Lucifer played backwards
N just caz I'm not a thug-Doesnt make me a fake rapper
I want you to burn my songs-Like I made Napster
N if you got money dont be a cheap lame bastard
If not for my cause at least-Chile or Haitis disaster
Free Palestine- Free Tibet Free ya minds
When people unite-The powers that be inside
Us gather together-N can over come anything in sight
So thats how I shine-Without no bling or ice
If you hated this-Hopefully got ya thinkin twice
N to be grateful to be livin this thing call life
I wanna be happy wit a family raise kids aright
Live on the legacy of mommy and daddy til there's no more life ~
~ N When I physically die-Mentally I'm a go towards light……

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